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The world will experience massive economic shifts over the next several decades. As a forward-thinking investor you are aware of this. The challenge is to determine how to capitalize on this knowledge.

Below are five related transformations that are occurring, transformations that drive our thematic investing approach and the “Silver Square’s view”.

A range of solutions

We offer a range of solutions to manage investment volatility at both the individual portfolio and total plan level, including exposure management, overlay strategies and individual portfolio solutions.

The New Normal – Geopolitical and economic factors will likely drive more bumpy markets in 2018.

Extended periods of volatility pose challenges for institutions looking to minimize downside risk and meet plan objectives.

Investors must look to new, innovative solutions to manage volatility in today’s environment.

Breadth of Solutions – A range of solutions to manage volatility at both the portfolio and total plan level. Specific portfolio solutions which seek to deliver equity returns with less downside risk.

Exposure management and overlay strategies that can be customized to meet a client’s objectives