Risk Management

In a world of lower returns, investors face the challenge of meeting their return objectives without taking on too much risk or incurring significant costs.

A Centralized Resource, a Firm-wide Responsibility, our Risk management has been central our investment culture. As an employee-owned manager, everyone at our firm is invested in identifying and managing risk—risk to our clients, risk to our portfolios, risk to our reputation.

We believe that fostering an environment of strong internal control is vital. To this end, we have established a rigorous risk management framework that features dedicated investment and operational risk teams who work to protect client assets and our reputation. Our risk professionals act as an independent complement to each investment team’s portfolio construction process, driving investment and operational risk reviews in collaboration with other control units of the firm, such as information technology, operations, legal and compliance, asset management guideline oversight and internal audit. Our risk management structure is enhanced by an ability to escalate issues as necessary to firm leadership as well as our fund boards and firm board of directors.

Enhance returns

Managing Volatility

Volatility is a natural part of investing, but it can be destructive to your portfolio. Although it is always wise to have strategies that can help reduce volatility, it may be especially important when changes in market or economic conditions seem inevitable. The right volatility strategy may, in fact, not only help reduce volatility, but also potentially enhance returns.

SILVER SQUARE FUND has a number of options to help investors reduce volatility—and potentially enhance returns— in any market conditions.