What We Do

SILVER SQUARE FUND is managed by entrepreneurial investment managers, offers direct investments into growth businesses, selected blocks equity trades and equity finance within the Emerging Markets, as well as public markets portfolio investments.

We take a hands-on, direct management approach to each of the investment and providing world-class management and corporate governance standards.

Our investment managers have experiences in asset management for over 80 years combined. And while our clients benefit from the wisdom of our seasoned professionals, we are always looking to supplement their ranks with emerging talent; by enabling the transfer of knowledge, providing growth opportunities for skilled investors and building thoughtful succession plans, we seek to ensure a consistent client experience over the long term.

At SILVER SQUARE FUND, we do things differently

Our Investment strategies are built with proprietary methodologies, smart structures and/or uncommon access to provide investors with the potential for income, performance, diversification and more.

Whatever our Client’s goals are, we can help to reach them. Whether they want to invest on his own or they’d like us to do it for them.